When it comes to house cleaning, cleaning the floors can take a lot of time through the whole process. It is an area that needs a lot of time to focus on because it collects a lot of dirt and dust every single day. However, did you know that the process of cleaning your floor might be different to the floors of other homeowners or commercial owners? Different floor types need different cleaning solutions or steps. Here are two of the most common flooring every homeowner or commercial owner have and he steps in cleaning both flooring to help you achieve sparkly clean floors. 

Ceramic Floors 

When it comes to floors made of tiles or ceramic material, we all know that mopping does most of the job. However, we always need to take into consideration the initial steps before proceeding to this part of the process. Tile mopping can become a lot messier without cleaning up the dirt and dust acquired on the floors, thus making sure you vacuum or sweep your floors before the mopping process is very necessary. As you vacuum or sweep, always remember the corners and the parts under your couch to make sure everything is well cleaned. After this process, prepare your liquid solution to help in your mopping task. Most liquid solutions integrated in mopping involved a liquid soap for floors with a mixture of warm water.  

The mop should be dipped in the bucket of liquid solution and to ensure that your floors don’t get too wet in the process, ensure that you don’t forget to wring the mop to get rid of any excess water that can wet your floor too much. Wringing your mop is important because it ensures that safety of your wooden furniture. Always work your mop from the end of the room towards the other end to avoid missing out a spot.  

Wooden Floors 

If you have wooden floors, I’m pretty sure that you invested a lot on that. Wooden floors can be costly that’s why maintaining it is very important in order to make it last longer. Wooden floors also look good through many years with the right amount of care.  

To successfully clean your wooden or laminated floors, always sweep your floors first. You can also vacuum your floors for an easier method of dust removal. Unlike tiled flooring or homes and offices that have ceramic flooring, wooden flooring must not come in contact with a wet mop when cleaning. The water can be harmful to the wood because through it, the wood can swell and can acquire possible damage. If you want to get rid of the extra dust on your wooden floor, grab a damp cloth instead. Ceramic floors have a variety of cleaning liquid solutions you can choose from however wooden floors have a specific cleaning agent that will not deteriorate the quality of the wood. If you are looking for alternatives, refrain from using bleach and products that have agents that are abrasive.  

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